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Why you'll love wingfoiling in Brazil!

  • One of the windiest location on the Planet
  • Amazing people and culture
  • Stunning lagoons

Brazil is home to some of the best wing foiling holiday spots in the world due to phenomenal wind reliability. Other big attractions of wing foiling holidays to Brazil are the friendliness of the people, the amazing value for money (for Westerners), an amazing climate and stunning beaches as far as the eye can see, especially in the Northern Ceara region.

Brazil being the world’s largest country in the tropics includes many other points of interest including historical colonial towns, dense jungle regions of the Amazon, vibrant cities (including the incredible Rio de Janeiro) and staggering natural beauty such as Iguazu Falls and the Pantanal wetlands.

Planet Wingfoil Holidays has travelled extensively in Brazil for many years. We pride ourselves on being the Brazil holiday experts! Due to the extensive array of resorts with so much to see and do, we would strongly suggest calling and speaking with one of our Brazil wing foil holiday experts. Planet Wingfoil specialises in tailor-made tours combining wingfoiling resorts alongside trips and tours all over Brazil.

Top regions in brazil

Best for - Beginner (8/10), improver (10/10)

Prea used to be a quiet fishing village but has now developed into a well-established small town that revolves around the kitesurfing scene. In recent years the level of accommodation has become much higher, and a number of great restaurants have sprung up. Prea now has a great vibe, but still not overdeveloped.

This is a great location to combine Wing Foiing with kitesurfing. It is also good for all types of holidays including family (we have stunning 2-bedroom luxury rooms with child care of needed), couples or solo travellers looking for a friendly and social environment.

Here at Planet Wing Foil, we think Prea is the best when combined with one of the other resorts in Brazil, such as Braa Grande or Icaraizinho. Please speak to a Brazil Wing Foil holiday expert about putting together the perfect tailor-made trip.

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10)

Barra Grande is one of the best Wing Foil destinations in Brazil for those looking to Wingfoiling directly from their accommodation, in a large flat water spot, with a choice of a good restaurant to eat out close by. This makes it a great location for all types of Wing Foil holidays, including a family Wing Foil holiday. The wing foiling school here is especially good and very professional.

Barra Grande, located in the state of Piauí, has been a renowned kiteboarding destination in South America for many years but is less known by Europeans, although this is now changing. The closest airport is Jericoacoara (around 2.5 hours away). Barra Grande works really well in combination with Icaraizinho or Prea.

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