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Top regions in dutch-antilles

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Experience the beauty and tranquillity of Bonaire on your next wing-foiling holiday. This hidden gem is one of the least tourist-developed islands in the Caribbean, offering a peaceful and authentic experience. With its stable year-round climate and ideal location just north of Venezuela, Bonaire is perfect for wing foiling.

In addition to its incredible wing foiling, Bonaire is also renowned for its world-class diving. This makes it the ultimate destination for a combination holiday, perfect for wing foiling, snorkelling and scuba diving. 

Bonaire is also a perfect family wing foiling holiday destination, as the conditions are easy and safe. Children as young as nine can start learning to wing foil, making it an ideal destination for a family holiday. The island's friendly atmosphere and stunning natural beauty make it an excellent place for couples.

The island is also more affordable than many other Caribbean destinations, making it a practical choice for European travellers.

The main Wing Foiling lagoon is Lac Bay - probably the best flat water Wing Foiling location in the Caribbean. Planet Travel offers many excellent small hotels around the islands, as well as a beach resort directly on Lac Bay itself. 

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