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It’s no wonder that South Africa draws more visitors than anywhere else in sub-Saharan Africa. Cosmopolitan cities like the great big beating heart of Johannesburg, stunning natural panoramas from Table Mountain National Park and vibrant cultures make the country appealing to almost every taste and budget. 
The South African coastline offers an abundance of fantastic stretches of water, clean fine sand and plenty of wind. With a rich history, pearly white beaches, charming fishing villages, colourful floral reserves and numerous adventure activities.
South Africa is also a paradise for anyone interested in natural history. A wide range of species (some potentially dangerous) may be encountered in parks, farms, private reserves and even on the roads.

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10), Advance (10/10)

If you're in search of an adventure-packed Wing Foiling holiday, Cape Town is about as good as it gets. With consistently strong and reliable wind conditions, this South African destination is perfect for wing foilers, from flat water improvers to advanced wave riders. When most people think of Cape Town, they assume only big waves suitable for the advanced. What is little known is a brilliant flat water lagoon set just behind the main kitesurf beach, as well as Langebaan Lagoon, which is just 1 hour's drive away, both with perfect flat water conditions for beginners and improvers. This means that a wing-foiling holiday to Cape Town can be perfect for all levels and is especially good for mixed sport/level.

The summer months of November through March offer the best conditions, with wind speeds typically ranging from 20-40 knots. As if the ideal wind conditions weren't enough, the stunning coastline of Cape Town provides a picturesque backdrop for wing foiling. The beaches in the area offer excellent conditions for this sport and showcase the region's natural beauty.

And when you're not out on the water, there's still plenty to do in Cape Town and its surroundings. Whether you want to relax, explore, or be entertained, there are activities for everyone to enjoy – even for those who don't participate in water sports. A holiday in Cape Town promises an unforgettable blend of adrenaline-pumping adventure and leisurely relaxation.

Where to Wing Foil in the Cape Town area?

Blouberg, also known as Blaawberg - a 20-minute drive north of Cape Town, famous as one of the world's top kitesurf holiday locations on the planet, but now becoming popular with Wing Foilers as well. You have the open sea with different sizes of waves (depending on the day), and then a butter flat water lagoon set just back from the main beach.

Big Bay - Just a short 10-minute drive further north is Big Bay, famous for glassy waves in a protected bay. This is also a great spot for non Wing Foiling partners and family with a beautiful beach area, grass embankment, and a number of super restaurants and cafes.

Langebaan Lagoon - 1 hour's drive even further north is the massive Langebaan Lagoon, one of the best flat water Wing Foil lagoons in the world. It is hard to find such a perfect spot for Wing Foiling. A huge expanse of flat water set in a stunning nature reserve. This is where we offer Wing Foiling lessons for beginners.

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10), Advance (6/10)

Langebaan lagoon, around 90 minutes drip from Cape Town airport in South Africa, is one the very best Wing Foiling locations in the world from October to March. The huge lagoon is surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, and the wind reliably is about the best you can get on the Planet. Sometimes it can be too windy in the afternoons, so if you are a beginner, it is sometimes best to get out in the mornings. Planet Travel Holidays have offices in Cape Town, so we know this area really well. Outside world class Wing Foiling, we can offer a huge range of luxury tailor-made tours to bolt on to your Wing Foiling holiday in Langebaan. 

Langebaan is a perfect place for beginners and improvers, but if you are looking for waves, it is easy to drive 1 hour South towards Cape Town, where there are lots of ridable waves for the more advanced. 

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